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Modern Languages Staff and the reasons why we love languages!

Mrs S Manson – PT (Subject)

Mrs MansonMy Grannie was Austrian and a German teacher, so I grew up eating a variety of tasty Austrian meals and German has always been an important part of my life. I first went to Germany on a school exchange and have never forgotten the excitement of experiencing a new culture. Back in school, my German teacher was inspiring and encouraged me to study Translation and Interpreting at University and go and live abroad for a year. When I graduated, I trained to be a teacher and now work to share my love of German and of language learning.

Mrs F Cowieson – PT Pupil Support

My first experience of France was when my family and I went abroad for the first time to Brittany. I was 11 and had been doing French for a year. As I was the only one in the family with any French at all, I had to communicate for all of us. I got such a kick out of being understood in a foreign language! Since then I have always loved to travel and have tried where possible to pick up some of the language of the countries I have visited as being able to talk to the locals gives more insight into the culture and makes it a richer experience.

Mrs P Davie – PT Pupil Support

When I was at High School, I had very dedicated teachers who really inspired me to become a linguist. I studied International Business and German at University but I didn’t know what job I wanted to do. When I saw a poster advertising English teaching in Tokyo, I thought I’d try it for a year and absolutely loved it. However, I missed German – my main passion, so I trained to be a German teacher. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love my job. It’s hectic and very tiring at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Mrs Davie is currently on maternity leave.

Ms Shuo Fan (visiting Mandarin teacher from Tianjin High School)

I have been an English teacher for six years in Tianjin No. 2 High School since I graduated inChina. As a result of an opportunity from the Confucius Institute and my own company, I came to Scotland to share the Chinese language with different people here. Languages are really amazing, different languages have the same influence. They can let people enjoy cultures and customs. I like sharing our own Chinese characters, language, and culture here in Scotland.

Miss J Hazlehurst

After graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in European Studies and French, I started work with American Express.  However, unsurprisingly, the idea of a career analysing foreign exchange figures soon started to lose its appeal! Therefore, looking for a more rewarding career, I went into teaching in 1998 to share my enjoyment of the French language and French culture with others.

Mr M Hodgson

With languages, you are at home anywhere

Languages were not originally my chosen path in life. I went to university to study Environmental Science and somehow ended up becoming a languages teacher. I am still so happy to this day that life led me here. I love my job and I love languages. Without languages I would not have met some of the most amazing people in my life; without languages I would not have travelled to some amazing places; without languages my life might not have been enriched by other cultures, music, literature, art, food to the extent that it has been.

Mrs M Inglis

An Eastern European proverb states ‘You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language you live only once.’ A love of languages and interest in German led me to spend several years in Eastern Europe from Leipzig to Leningrad to Budapest. I was privileged to experience a piece of history as the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Knowing a different language gave me a different vision of life and a deeper insight into other cultures.

Miss C Lindsay

I first got really interested in China through a Hong Kong film called Mr.Vampire, with hopping zombies and silly humour!  Chinese writing has always fascinated me, and the way the language works is so interesting when compared to English, which I also love.  I like buying my favourite English language books in the Chinese editions and I mostly listen to Chinese rock and pop music. I lived in Taiwan for five years and consider it my second home.

Mrs V Smith

My first experience of France was a 3-month stay in Normandy at the age of 18. The family I stayed with introduced me to the country, its culture and helped me improve my French. I visited Paris, went windsurfing, ate lobster and enjoyed all their long Sunday lunches. Their animated debate around the table, their inclusion of all family members old and young and of course some fantastic food gave me an insight into a way of life that I love.

Ms J Vivier

Bonjour! I have always been interested in languages as France shares a lot of borders with other European countries but it might have started when I was 4 when the P7 class had to dance to Scotland the Brave. When I was 9, my teacher retired and she gave me a French-English dictionary she found when tidying her classroom, so I guess my interest in the English language comes from these wee moments in my life. After studying English, German and Italian I decided to come to Scotland for 9 months as a French language assistant and have stayed ever since.

 Ms He Wang (Visiting teacher from Tianjin High School number 2.)

I have always been very interested in languages, I think speaking different languages can give me different experiences because languages  play a very important role in communication. I studied Language and Literature at University and then studied linguistics. In China, I always help foreign students learn Mandarin and I enjoy it. When I got the chance to teach in Scotland, I was very excited. I hope I can help more people to experience the charm of Mandarin.