Careers With Languages

10 careers with languages

EDL character - meeting clientsLanguages Work provides information and advice for young people looking to use languages in their careers. We’ve picked 10 careers with languages from the bank of case studies featured on the website.

Business Development Executive
Melanie is a Business Development Executive for Think London and she uses her language skills to communicate with her clients.

Supply Chain Coordinator
Heather uses her German language skills on a daily basis in her role as a Supply Chain Coordinator for The Body Shop.

Air Systems Engineer
Gethin tells Languages Work why French is important in his job as an Air Systems Engineer for Airbus France.EDL character - reporter

Freelance Writer and Broadcaster
Andy is a Freelance Writer & Broadcaster and uses his Portuguese language skills when reporting on European football matches.

Office Sales Manager
Emma explains how she uses her language skills as an Office Sales Manager for Gripple Ltd.

Freelance Translator
In her job as a Freelance Translator, Philipa uses her French, Spanish and Portuguese language skills.EDL character - nurse

Senior Staff Nurse
Shazia explains how languages help her in her job as a Senior Staff Nurse in Emergency Care, London.

European Policy Adviser
Bess works as a European Policy Adviser for the Department for Transport (Airports Policy Division), London. She explains how she uses languages in her job.

Senior Finance Manager
Find out how German has helped Frankie’s career as a Senior Finance Manager for a multinational supermarket chain.

Customer Satisfaction Manager
Claudia speaks fluent French and Italian and uses her language skills on a daily basis in her job as a Customer Satisfaction Manager in the IT sector.EDL character - interpreter